Now done with the plane but I will be adding some things I missed

My setup (Painted wings and stabs ultracote bottom wings only)
Futaba 14MZ 2.4
Futaba 6008 HS rx 2.4
Motor Neu F3a
ESC Castel ICE HV 80 Lite
Servos 4- 9650 Rudder and Elevator
Aileron 2- BLS 551
Spinner CA
Prop APC 20 x 15
Tru-Turn Turo backplate
RX battery FlightPower 800
Motor batteries F3A Unlimited 5S x2
SmartFly 6v pattern reg.
Futaba Switch
Maxxs arming switch

Weight 4920

Cutting out the Spinner.
First I will take some paper and draw the base of the spinner, this will give me a line to base the cut on. Next I will take and draw the shape of the prop then cut it off and this is what I use to draw on the spinner. Be sure not to make the cut on the seam of the spinner. The I will set the template on the spinner and trace the cut out. I make a cut with with a Dremel saw wheel and then finish with the small sanding drum. I have already finished the spinners so I used a wheel paint to show the steps..

Pictures of how the Rx and SmartFly regulator is mounted and battery tray.. pictures of both planes
Setup Wing and Stab
Since the Da-Ja-Vu has the canopy base at zero we can use that as a starting point. First I will block up the tail wheel to get the canopy base to 0. Then I will double check the stab to make sure it is still at 0 same as the base, then I will set both wings to +0.5 and double check and recheck to make sure they are right. This has been the best starting point that we have found. After the first test flights most of the time you will adjust the stab only to take out the elevator trim that was added on the test flight.