This is my 2nd Da-Ja-Vu so I have decided to take the time and do a build thread on this one. Plane is the Da-Ja-Vu designed by Matt Kimbro with some input from Chip. The plane is from CA Models and paint by Chip Hyde at Hydesigns both in Argentina. I am also sure Chris Moon at F3A Unlimited will also be adding the plane
to his growing line of F3A planes. First I will give all of the weights then on to the build. Just let me know if you have any questions on the build.

Rudder (split) 75g
R-stab 120g (all paint)
L-Stab 125g (all paint)
R-wing 395g (paint and ultracote)
L-wing 405g (paint and ultracote)
Fuse with canopy 1035g
Gear x2 100g
wheel paints x2 10g

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First thing will be installing the landing gear. The gear are mounted just like the Visa, so it can be a little difficult to get this done right. First I make up a template of the part of the gear the slides into the fuse. Then using the template I will mark the holes on the gear plate. The battery tray is already mounted so you might need to drill through it to get to the spot you need. You will need to grind the bottom of the gear slot to get the gear to go all of the way in place. Then you can use a C-clamp to hold the gear in place if needed. I will pre drill the holes first in the plate then slide the gear in. Once you have the gear in place the use the drill to mark the holes ( don't try to drill all the way through the gear because you can go through the bottom of the fuse). After the holes are marked the take the gear out and drill. The blind nuts will be pressed into the bottom of the gear so I drill them to the size of the blind nut. On trick you can d is use a small counter sink this will help the blind nut start and also makes iit easier to press in place. After they are installed then you are ready to bolt them in place. One other trick is to leave a 1/16 inch gap between the gear and the fuse. This will keep the gear form hitting the fuse in a rough landing and chipping paint on the fuse

Most builds I would start on the motor install at this time but I am waiting on the Hyde mount so I will move on the the stab. Since the servos are mounted in the fuse and the stabs cover the servos it is very important to set the stabs at 0. The way I do this on the Da-Ja-Vu is to start at the canopy base. The canopy base on this plane can be used to set the stab. First I will set the base at 0 then put the stab on and set it to 0 ( I also replace the carbon tube with an 1/8in aluminum solid rod) After this is done I will use a marker and mark where the bottom of the stab is. This will give me a reference where the servo will need to be.

There are 2 ways to mount the servos. I mount them in the fuse and have just the horn coming out if the stab for a cleaner look, you can also mount them in the stab if you choose too. After the stab is set then I will cut out the fuse for the servo. Then you will need to hollow out the stab and cut a slot for the servo arm to come through. I will then put the stab in place the mark where the rudder servos will need to go ( if you are running the standard rudder then the servo will mount in the tray under the canopy and pull pull to the rudder) this is only done with the split rudder. I then add light ply for a backup plate to ensure the screws have something to hold on to.This does not effect the CG ( I just move the 10S pack forward)Once the servos are mounted you can hinge the Elevators and the rudder and hook up the controls. I use the Central Hobbies BB rod ends and .70 Solid Carbon rod and CA in place.
I also posted a pic of the BB rod end. It is very important to have the screw go through the side where you see most
of the BB if not the rod end can slip off of the bearing causing big problems

Servo Arms DUB673 (the horn with 5 holes used on all serfaces)
Screws CHMSMS100 from Central Hobbies

Da-Ja-Vu New from CA Models Painted by Chip Hyde @ Hydesigned
Futaba 14MZ  2.4 GHz.
Futaba  R 6008 HS Reciver
Futaba BLS 551 Aileron
Futaba 9650 2-Elevator and 2- Rudder (Split)
Smart-Fly 6 Volt Pattern Reg.
Motor NEU-F3A-1
Castle ICE 80 HV
F3A Unlimited 4900
Tru-Turn Turbo backplate
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